S. Q, and A

This is the page for your suggestions, questions, and answers
Q. How long will take for my craft to be posted on the Your Crafting page?
A. It will take about 2 – 3 days to get it posted

Q. Is there anyway that I could write a blog post for you one month?

A. Yes there is you can be my quest blogger for one month.
All you do is write a blog about anything you would like just so it is appropriate you send it to me I will look it over and it will be posted on my blog within a day.

Q. How can I become a model for your book?
A. You can become a model for my book by emailing me at haileyd.modeltopia@gmail.com and I will get you a sign up sheet and you will type in it send it to me and then you will become my model.

Q. How can I read your book?
A You can read my book by this link

Q. If I send you a email hoe long will it be before you reply?
A. I check my email every day so it will be within about 5 hours to a day depending on if I have already checked my email that day.

if you have any more questions for me please post them below.

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