Thanksgiving Crafting Contest
Fun and exciting Thanksgiving Crafting Contest.
How to enter
1. Send me an email at with your craft picture and you will be entered.
2. Title the email as Thanksgiving Crafting Contest Entry
3. Starts November 18th Ends November 24th
4. I will let you know the winner on November 26th
5. There will be a Prize so enter ASAP
6. Be very creative with your craft
7. You can create a craft off of my Thanksgiving Craft blog post
Have Fun doing it!
Email me if you have any questions or have a prize that you would like for me to give out!
xx Hailey

The Thanksgiving Crafting Prizes

I wanted to let everyone know about the prizes for the winner of the Thanksgiving Crafting Contest.
Here are the prizes that you will receive
Get a FREE online Will magazine
Get to Model AND be a character for my book
Get to talk one-to-one with Hailey
Get to be interviewed for this blog.
I am so excited about all of these prizes and cannot wait to see who wins them so starts creating your Thanksgiving Crafting Contest!


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